Expert Coaches are Standing by NOW!

How does it Work?

Fantasy Coaching Staff allows you to ask questions about your specific fantasy sports team(s).

  1. Choose a sport
  2. In the coach directory, you can pick an expert coach or you can ask a question to one of our first available experts. If you'd like to select a specific coach, you can see more information about them & their likely "office hours."
  3. You can send a text message to any coach, whether or not he/she is online (indicated by a green dot). However, to initiate a live chat or call, the coach needs to be online.If the coach is online, but engaged with another customer - you can elect to add yourself to his/her waitlist. Or, you may go back and find a different coach or reach out to the first available expert if the matter is pressing.
  4. You can always continue a text string, chat or phone call if you need more time. You'll need to have enough of a "balance" in your account in order to initiate and continue a session.

Where do the coaches come from?

The Fantasy Coaching Staff carefully screens each prospective coach. Some coaches are actively recruited due to their previous success in fantasy sports leagues, etc. Others can apply to become a coach. All coach applicants are screened via their application. Some are selected for an introductory phone call, and then a phone test given by the director of coaching. Only applicants that pass all three screenings make it to the active coaching directory. Once there, coaches are continually monitored with test calls, customer feedback reviews and other measures to ensure the highest level of quality advice and professionalism.

How do I pay for this service?

In your account section, you'll need to add a credit card and then can add funds to your account balance. Every time you purchase a text, chat or call, it will deduct the appropriate amount from your balance.

What is the difference between a text message and a chat?

A text message is a 140 character maximum simple question such as: "PPR league - who should I start: Michael Floyd or Golden Tate?"

A chat (with live countdown timer) offers the ability to have an online conversation where you can ask questions, receive answers, and have continued follow-up exchanges.

What are the response times for text questions?

The Fantasy Coaching Staff aims to respond to text message questions as soon as possible. Usually, you can expect a response within an hour. However, during overnights, the response time will likely be delayed. In addition, if you need an immediate answer to a question during a peak period before a roster deadline (such as Sunday morning), we suggest that you use the chat or call option as those methods will guarantee a response versus a text message answer, which is subject to coach availability.

What happens if my chat or call disconnects in the middle?

If your cell phone loses the connection, or you end the session, you are still subject to the associated fee. For all other problems, please send an email to

What happens if I love or hate the advice given to me?

Either way, you'll have the opportunity to rate the quality of the advice given by the coach. If you love the advice, you are more than welcome to seek out the same coach (via the directory) for the next time. If the advice was not productive, we apologize, and ask that you please provide feedback when given the opportunity in the coach survey that we'll send after each week.